Key Design ideas for your room.

Depending on what design you prefer Skirtingboards will light up your room or house. skirtingboards are used to hide or tie spaces between the floor and the wall and in that process they enhance the beauty and style of that place. Before going for different design of your room you need to consider the type you want to use. You also need to think about different colors and textures because they comes in different style.

In the past they were only available on woods but now many homes have their own design which match the design of the house and also the items in the house. They make a beautiful transition between the wall and the floor. They are also used to cover laminates strips in a wall. Apart from wood we have other material used to make them which should be handled with care and you should be more cautious when selecting it for different projects.

You can color them as you wish to match the design of your room below we check various design.

Flat and curved.

Coming in various design flat and a curved corner can give your room a quality great feel and the comfort that you deserve. This unique style comes from using skirtingboard that measure about 12 inches, for it to match with the room give it a dark feel color.


This a design that is used mostly in kitchen and bathrooms. You can blend it with different color to match either your kitchen or bathroom they are normally easy to blend.

Medium density fiberboard

They are made from fiber wood mixed with pressure treatment. They are very economical so if you want to save money this is what should be in your mind.


Manufactured from pine trees these Skirtingboard will give a very beautiful feel in your room they last long and they are durable.